Precisely why MB Super star Diagnostic application is usually thus well-received simply by 1000s of consumers, their technology as well as high quality is usually created following a variety of experiments as well as development. A short while ago, all of us mbstar go shopping web site give you a brand new Super star diagnosis pack, Mercedes BENZ C5 SD Connect Xentry Tab Kit( Most up-to-date Mercedes BENZ Diagnostic Application; Primary used Mercedes BENZ C5 SD Connect Xentry Tab Kit; Together with primary software program as well as product kit; Assistance BENZ most up-to-date protocol)

SKP900 Connect Diagnostic Application Story:
Mercedes Benz C5 Xentry Connect diagnostic user interface, maded by French ACTIA Firm as well as designed with Panasonic Xentry-Tab, can test out Motor / Tranny / air conditioning /SRS/ABS/ anti-theft process as well as OBD-II process.
Benz C5 can perform full diagnosis for that most up-to-date cross types W222. And it features a qualitative development with computer hardware as well as software program simply by agreement of diagnostic user interface to manipulate the actual software program.
BENZ C5 SD Connect Diagnostic Application Characteristic:
Economical diagnostic application as well as full vehicle collection
Easy as well as easy-to-use program (UI)
High-performance Tab together with 4G recollection as well as tough luck. 3 inch LCD effect display screen
Innovative upgraded VCI+ verbal exchanges inter
Assistance Wired/ cell connection
Handle brand new Mercedes Benz models.
Mercedes BENZ C5 Connect Diagnostic Application Configuration boundaries
The full group of kit configuration
just one. Panasonic most up-to-date widescreen tab.
3. The first Xentry-Connect simply by ACTIA
3. Mercedes Benz OBD2 diagnostic cable television
Panasonic widescreen Xentry-Tab complex boundaries:
OS IN THIS HANDSET: your windows program seven
quintessential CPU: 4G
Hard drive recollection: 250G
tough luck. 3inch effect display screen

Xentry-Connect (VCI+) Complex Boundaries:
OS IN THIS HANDSET: Your windows program Embedded Standard 7(32bit)
Model: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505(38W TDP)
Recollection: 4G hard drive together with 256GB SSD
Display: 128*64 PX
Power supply: forty a matter of minutes (When CPU capability to help 60%)
Weight: just one. 9KG
Community connection: WLAN: IEEE802. eleven a/b/g/n2. 4+5GHZ.