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Ista-D functions but Ista-P error “Configuration technique failed to initialize”

Le 30 November 2018, 14:58 dans Humeurs 0

Error message:

When i start off BMW Diagnostic Tool Ista-p loader i get this error: Configuration system failed to initialize.

Unhandled exception has occurred in you application. Should you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. For those who click Quit, the application will close instantly.

Configuration method failed to initialize.

I'll post pic.Just alter ram of laptop and now not commence.Ista-D work !

Ista-P-error-2 Ista-P-error-3 Ista-P-error-4


You didn’t close the ista p properly the final time and data procurament got corrupted. I’m not sure what version you happen to be making use of to assist but the uncomplicated way would be install ista p again and make certain to back up the two folder of data procurament simply because for those who possess the same concern within the future you may just replace it. Ensure to let the loader to close adequately to prevent these difficulties or don’t start off the loader whilst 1 is operating.

Tech support from
Restart your laptop or computer.

Usually do not run ISTA-D and ISTA-P at the very same time

Look right here: 03.2018 ISTA-D and ISTA-P performs best

Ista-P-error-8 Ista-P-error-7 Ista-P-error-9 Ista-P-error-10

How to add parameters for BMW Single ECU Programming with ISTA Expert Mode

Le 20 November 2018, 11:36 dans Humeurs 0

Parameters and tips for you guys to add for BMW single module programming with Rheingold Expert Mode:


Try Single Ecu Programming with adding this Parameter to ISTAGUI.exe.config:
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.DeactivateIntegrationLevelValidation” value=”true” />
Try only selectability of ECU’s.

Like this:

<!– Enable Programming –>
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.ExpertMode” value=”true” />
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.Enabled” value=”true” />
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.PsdzDataPath” value=”C:RheingoldPSdZdata_swi” />
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.NoFinalTherapyPlanCalculation” value=”true” />
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.Programming.DeactivateIntegrationLevelValidation” value=”true” />


Some ECU modules need flash with 2 or 3 cooperated modules. ICOM ISTA does not allow program only one, so you need program module you want + other ECU connecting with programmable module.

Some modules can be programmed by one without touching others ECUs.

Want program by one module or code use BMW STANDARD TOOLS (Tools32, NFS, WinKFP, NCSExpert etc)
Expert mode does not mean that you can program only 1 module. You can but not always.


Q: Has anyone figured out single module programming for ISTA4? Only reason to keep ISTA-P held back is single module programming via expert mode for programming vehicles with unofficial retrofits.

A: Use partial programming, with double click on module choose between coding, programming and no action.

Q: Does this allow modules to be ‘hidden’ from the update?

A: When you choose software update and after finishing measures plan calculation you stay on confort tab, change for expert tab and there you can select or unselect the units that should be programmed or coded , then calculate again measures paln and you will see the choosen units plan to be programmed and/or coded.

If you don’t want to update your BMW Diagnostic Tool, CIC choose partial programming, after that you’re choosing which modules to be updated without fear that some other will be updated.


ISTA/P Expert Mode

ista-p-expert-mode-1 ista-p-expert-mode-2 ista-p-expert-mode-3 ista-p-expert-mode-4 ista-p-expert-mode-5 ista-p-expert-mode-6 ista-p-expert-mode-8 ista-p-expert-mode-9 ista-p-expert-mode-10

Lonsdor JLR Key Programmer vehicle list

Le 11 November 2018, 09:27 dans Humeurs 0




JLR-IMMO is a dedicated IMMO device for Jaguar and LandRover, launched by Shenzhen Lonsdor technology company. It’s designed to program car keys and applicable to above 95% of Jaguar and LandRover models currently (VPW protocols of Jaguar’s old model is unsupported). Auto Key Programmer JLR-IMMO supports OBD program mode, and more than 50 software versions for KVM as well. A majority of KVM case is dismantle-free and can be programmed with this device.

Lonsdor JLR Key Programmer Supported vehicle list:

(1) LandRover 2008-: Immobilizer and smart key
(2) LandRover Discovery3: Immobilizer
(3) LandRover Freelander: Immobilizer and smart key
(4) LandRover Freelander2: Immobilizer and smart key
(5)LandRover Discovery4: smart key
(6) LandRover Evoque: smart key
(7) LandRover Defender: remote
(8) LandRover new models KVM case’s software version: FK72
(9) LandRover new models KVM case’s software version: HPLA
(10) Jaguar XF: smart key
(11) Jaguar SJ: smart key
(12) Jaguar F-TYPE: smart key
(13) Jaguar X-TYPE: Immobilizer
(14) Jaguar Sovereign: Immobilizer
(15) Jaguar XJ6: Immobilizer
(16) Jaguar XJ8: Immobilizer
(17) Jaguar XJR: Immobilizer
(18) Jaguar XK: remote
(19) Jaguar XKR: remote
(20) Jaguar new models KVM case’s software version: FK72
(21) Jaguar new models KVM case’s software version: HPLA

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