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Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO Troubleshooting

Le 16 septembre 2017, 04:44 dans Humeurs 0

A communication error occurs if the MaxiDiag MD808 PRO fails to communicate with the vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Please follow the instructions below to check up:
1. Verify that the ignition is ON.
2. Check if the scan tool’s connector is securely connected to the vehicle’s DLC.
3. Turn the ignition off and wait for about 10 seconds. Turn the ignition back to on and continue the testing.
4. Verify the control module is not defective.
Operating Error
If the Car Diagnostic Tool freezes, then an exception occurs or the vehicle’s ECU (日ectronic Control Unit) is too slowto respond to requests. Please followthe steps below to reset the tool:
1. Reset the scan tool.
2. Turn the ignition off and wait for about 10 seconds. Turn the ignition back to on and continue the testing.
Scan tool doesn’t power up
If the scan tool won’t power up or operates incorrectly in any other way, please followthe instructions below to check up:
1. Check if the scan tool’s connector is securely connected to the vehicle’s DLC;
2. Check if the DLC pins are bent or broken.
3. Clean the DLC pins if necessary.
4. Check vehicle battery to make sure it is still good with at    least 8.0    volts.
Vehicle Coverage
On the basis of all OBD II compliant vehicles, including those equipped wth universal protocol – Control Area Network (CAN), Autel MD808/808 Pro Scanners expand vehicle system coverage and offer more diagnostic power to the vehicle technicians. Featuring expanded global vehicle coverage, the scan tools offer technicians a significant improvement on model years covered by supported manufactures.
For a complete listing of all the added vehicle coverage, download a copy of the official MaxiDiags MD808/808 Pro Software Release Note from
Product Troubleshooting_
Vehicle Linking Error

Recommendations When Using Autel MaxiSys MS906

Le 9 septembre 2017, 12:13 dans Humeurs 0

If you meet some problem when using this Autel Maxisys MS906 tablet from, there is some really beneficial recommendations, which includes battery & charge problem and machine running problem.


1.When the display tablet does not work properly:
Make sure the tablet has been registered online.
Make sure the system software and diagnostic application software are properly updated.
Make sure the tablet is connected to the Internet.
Check all cables, connections, and indicators to see if the signal is being received.

2.When battery life is shorter than usual:
This may happen when you are in an area with low signal strength. Turn off your Car Diagnostic Tool if is not in use.

3.When you cannot turn on the tablet:
Make sure the tablet is connected to a power source or the battery is charged.

4.When you are unable to charge the Autel Tools MS906 tablet:
Your charger maybe out of order. Contact your nearest dealer.
You may be attempting to use the device in an overly hot/cold temperature. Try changing the charging environment.
Your device may have not been connected to the charger properly. Check the connector.

NOTE: If your problems persist, please contact Autel’s technical support personnel or your local selling agent.

MB Star DAS and Vediamo program Smart 450 SAM unit

Le 27 août 2017, 08:50 dans Humeurs 0

I’ve just got Vediamo V4 up and running for a Smart 450 Cabrio with a dead SAM unit, to virginize (Or at least reset) a 2nd hand SAM unit and program it in.
However, vediamo no make virgin this unit for smart
And i was told to make virgin by eeprom dump and make initial startup with Xentry/DAS, and also put the Sam and start the car ..but to change the vin only EPROM and km …
I have access to a eeprom reader so can do that with a SAM but I’m struggling to find a virgin SAM backup. (have found the one for the MEG at the back but not one for the SAM)

But i found it would not help because by coding with Benz Diagnostic Tool i have to enter the SCN Coding Chucksum. Only official smart service can get this number. A smart owner said it worked only by coding the meg and dssh to the 2nd used sam unit. So yes, only a open DAS and the right vin.

Password may be required in official dealer for matching a new key to a control sam used

So i use the non password fix for DAS to get it, I’m sure the Auto Scanner Tool SAM unit will take any 3 button key you throw at it (unless it was a 1 button early MCC)

Ps. The fix from here.

Not for coding a new set of blank keys into SAM, just go into
SAM Unit –> Adaptations –> Bottom of the list should be Special Function: Reprogram keys if no keys available

It does require a password unless you have the No Password fix, I did this the other day on DAS 04.2014 with 2 new keys (No originals)

The fix bypasses the password requirement (Just press F2 twice)

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